Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Summer Break!

Hey everyone,
I'm taking a summer break for a few weeks and will be back in September. I may post sporadically a few summer related things but I can't promise.

While everyone's going away on a holiday, I haaaate the hottest months of the year and would rather hide in a cool grotto. Sadly, I live in a small attic apartment without air-conditioning which is a special kind of hell in the summer and sitting in front of a computer isn't something I enjoy doing when it's too hot.

This is also an opportunity for me to take a break from the internet and reduce my time to maybe an hour a day to read the news and email friends.

I will also read and answer any comments.

Have a nice summer and don't forget to stay hydrated! :)

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Nail Polish Shelf

Bottles of nail polish are really pretty without the labels. If you soften the glue with a little heat from a hair dryer and pull very slowly, you can peel these off easily. Sticky residue is quickly removed with nail polish remover.

Now that the bottles look like little magick potions, let's build them a matching shelf!

I used an old picture frame that I found and glued in an additional shelf made from cardboard. It looks flimsy but white glue is very hard once it's dry. The back is also glued on just to make sure everything is held firmly in place.

Then I decoupaged it but wasn't that happy with the results, so I painted over it with old glitter nail polish as a way to use up colours I no longer wear.

Painting objects with nail polish is very different from painting your nails.

When painting a larger area the fumes are even more hazardous. It's important to work in well ventilated areas. Next to an open window is best.

Don't bother with the tiny brush, just apply the varnish the way you would apply liquid glue, i.e. pour a thin line and carefully spread the goop with an old brush or sponge or piece of cardboard. Try stippling for an interesting texture.

Drying time is sooooo much longer. I let it dry overnight. Outside on my balcony.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Flash Frisco

One of my greatest thrift shop finds has to be this vintage Flash Frisco breakfast set by Dorothy Hafner for Rosenthal, which I got for only a fiver. It's worth over 200 € on ebay and other sites and for a hot second I wondered if I should sell it, but I just can't. I love this 1980s design too much. I don't even care that as a vegan I don't have any use for the egg cups. Theoretically, I could use them for kiwis, but I'm allergic to them.

If you're hooked as well, Dorothy Hafner herself has an Etsy shop where you can purchase her rare vintage pieces and handpainted items.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019


This vintage viscose print skirt I found at a flea market was ankle length and had pleats in the front. That typical mid 1980s frumpy skirt shape is quite a weird contrast to that flamboyant print which I adore.

I cut off the waistband to remove the pleats to create this simple rectangular skirt with an elastic waistband and a shorter, much more flattering length.

Monday, 17 June 2019

Magick Bag

Made this years ago from a thrifted skirt which I cut up to use the metallic fabric.

The tiny pouch which I embroidered with a neon yellow pentagram is for little keepsakes. I also made the twisted cord myself.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Vegan Sunday: Pasta with Spinach

While the pasta is cooking, I sautéd my usual suspects, red onion and sun- dried tomatoes before adding the spinach. I choose fresh or frozen depending on what's available.

To make a creamy sauce, I mixed some soy flour with cold water before adding it to the pan. Sauces with soy flour taste much better than wheat flour or starch-based sauces and will also add more protein to the dish.

Salt, pepper and garlic are usually the only spices needed for this dish, but I like to sneak in a little cayenne pepper wherever possible.

When the sauce was done, I tipped the pasta in the pan, stirred well and after loading it on a plate, sprinkled nutritional yeast over it.

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Hamburg Port Anniversary

A few weeks ago I got my first smartphone. It was a gift I didn't really care for because I'm so anachronistic, I can't even bring myself to use a mobile phone.

Quickly I realized I could at least use it as a camera. It's 2019 and I'm taking my first selfies! Oh dear, why am I such an old bat?

I also tried filming with this newfangled technology, which was fun but later I noticed that I held the thing upside down, lmao. It took a while until I figured out how to rotate it with this online thing.

So here I am, finally sharing the cacophony of the Hafengeburtstag festival and funfair.

My favourite thing is the deluxe vegan food made by the local anarchists and checking out the bands. The singer of Kochkraft durch KMA blew me away, I wish I had more footage of that gig.

They were followed by an insipid indie band whose fans like to wear identical sneakers.

Time for me to go home... just kidding, time to get lost in a dive bar!